What is rafting?

Rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world, descending through a mountain river, or tributaries together with a group of people, aboard an inflatable boat or raft, or kayak that does not need a motor while the current drags the boat and the crew members are in charge of directing it using criteria and oars.

This inflatable boat is made exactly for whitewater river descents. It measures about 5x2mt, and has capacity for 6 or more people, depending on the size.

Each crew member has a short single-blade oar, which, according to the guide's instructions, they use to steer the boat and avoid obstacles along the river. At the time of rafting, apart from the boat and the oars, it is necessary to have a helmet, shoes and wetsuit (both neoprene), and a flotation vest.


What are the rafting modalities and how do they differ?

In rafting there are two modalities depending on the type of river where it is practiced, since they vary according to the flow of the rivers, so these modalities are differentiated between rivers that have a large flow of water and those that have a low flow. minor, strength and speed, as explained below:


Rivers with a large volume of water

They are distinguished by having a large flow of water, boats that have a frame back system are normally used, that is, a structure that adheres to the boat, which facilitates, plus the control of the raft that facilitates the control, of the boat that are handled by a single guide. So in this modality, the other members of the team only have to row and listen to the guide, in order to have a satisfactory run.

It is also worth mentioning that this kind of rivers are usually found in America, Africa and Asia, highlighting the Trisuli river in Nepal, Bío-Bío in Chile, Colorado in the USA and Zambezi in Zimbabwe, the Apurimac canyon in Peru, etc.


Rivers with little flow

In the case of rivers with lower flow, both the level of risk and difficulty is usually higher, which is why each member of the crew has an oar that they use in order to row in unison, following the instructions of the guide. , monitor or captain, who also has a theme.

In this type of rafting, the descents require carrying out numerous maneuvers, and it is usually practiced, except in the spring melting or rainy season, within the Pyrenean rivers that stand out both for their unevenness and for the technical demands required by the rafting itself. flow.


River Classification

Likewise, it should be noted that in rafting there is an international classification used to classify rivers according to their degree of difficulty, which is composed as follows:


  • Class 1- They are rapids that have a low water level, a current with little pressure and their navigation is quite simple, so they are ideal for those who want to start in this sport.
  • Class 2 - Perfect for learning and practicing rafting techniques, since its low level of difficulty does not require special techniques.
  • Class 3 - Those rapids that are accessible and do not require previous experience, so they are ideal for practicing before moving on to more intense waters.
  • Class 4 - They are rapids whose waters have enough current to make the boats turn around, so they require prior knowledge and/or training.
  • Class 5 - They are exclusive rapids for people experienced in class III and IV, since they require good technique and enormous resistance, which is due to the fact that they have a plus of danger since it is not possible to dominate the water.
  • Class 6 - They are very powerful rapids with extreme routes and a high level of difficulty, so they require special technique and equipment to be able to face them.


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